THU, 23 June 2022
4:00-5:30 PM CET
followed by Virtual Wine Tasting

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Private virtual meeting for procurement and talent acquisition leaders in the extended workforce based in Europe.

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Listen and learn gaining invaluable insights into your clients, peers and partners' perspectives.

Interactive Sessions

Lectures be gone! Dialogue with diverse panelists from Procurement, Talent Acquisition, Technology & Vetted Solution Providers

Wine Tasting

Experience a networking event like no other... luxury wine tasting including the actual wine.

Who should attend?

Join an exclusive group of 50+ Extended Workforce Leaders including Procurement, Talent Acquisition Leaders plus a selected group of Highly Vetted Sponsors as you collaborate on best practices in a safe, virtual event. offers real-time market intelligence & insights for Outsourced and Internal Program Leaders and their suppliers. Enterprise Leaders may join at NO COST.

Indirect Procurement

Talent Acquisition

Program Operations

Just Ask Our Members


4:00-5:15 CEST + Wine tasting

Each presenter will share specific examples on the topic for the beginning of their session. They will open it up to the Zoom room to facilitate an interactive dialogue with questions, answers and input from the attendees.

Presented by Jeannine Parise, ClubVMSA

4:00- 4:02 CEST

Welcome and What to Expect

Presented by Tim Woodall, Utmost

4:02- 4:22 CEST

How to scale an extended workforce program internationally

Global implementations have always been complicated with country-specific rollout requirements, often times causing lengthy deployment runways, which can impact your budget. Today, innovative companies are expanding globally at a rapid pace, and don’t have time for a long implementation. What’s more, they need global visibility, which is impossible to do without the proper technology. During this discussion, you’ll walk away with answers to:

  • How do you expand globally in a cost efficient manner
  • What are the key things to think about from a technology perspective to enable global expansion
  • What are examples of successful global implementations
  • Key drivers for building a successful business case for a VMS

Presented by YOU

4:22- 4:30 CEST


Our events thrive when attendees interact throughout.  Please share your name, title and company so we may all get to know each other better

Presented by Marleen Deleu, NextConomy

4:30- 4:50 CEST

Just how appealing is your organization to all talent markets?

Tapping into different talent markets requires your branding to be inclusive. Is your website a competitive total talent platform and your employer brand embracing all worker types? Let’s find out!

Presented by Mark van Assema, Contingent Workforce Program Manager, Nouryon

4:50- 5:15 CEST

Creating talent pools for optimal talent mobility in hybrid times

The world of work is more diverse and hybrid after the pandemic and workers both internally as externally are on the move. Skills matching in talent pools for gigs and jobs can guide them to a spot where you need them. We’ll check out different approaches and tools for talent pool management.


Direct Sourcing

What is it and how do I integrate it into my program?

Talent Pooling

How can you reuse your talent via talent pooling?

Integrate VMS with your HR tooling

ATS and learning platforms

Partner with your MSP

How should you steer your Managed Service Provider (MSP)?

Internal Mobility

How do companies leverage re-/upskilling and other learning and development programs.

International Recruitment

Pitfalls and opportunities of sourcing talent beyond borders.

5:30-6:15 CEST VIRTUAL wine tasting

Your tasting kit delivered

After the learnings of EXTEND, attendees will experience a private and virtual wine tasting like no other with

Wine will be shipped directly to your home or office prior to the event wrapped in a beautiful keepsake box.  Each tube has enough wine for 2 tasting-sized glasses.  

This private virtual wine tasting will begin with on-screen networking.  Our very own VIVANT Wine Advisor will take us on a journey throughout a wine region in France (without ever leaving your seat).

Attendees will taste 4-6 different wines and answer questions in an interactive learning and networking experience. Wine is organically produced in France (which is good for you and the planet).

Customer reviews

I was impressed by how well done the virtual wine tasting was - professional and polished."


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Procurement and Talent Acquisition
$ 99 Ends 16 June 2022
  • Zoom Meeting PLUS Wine delivered to your door with guided Wine Tasting


Procurement and Talent Acquisition
FREE Ends 22 June 2022
  • Zoom Meeting

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