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2-day EXTEND program

June 1, 2021

12:00 – 12:30 ET 

The Risks & Benefits of Remote Working

Connor Heaney, Managing Director, CXC

Hannah Young, Solution Specialist, CXC EMEA

Learn all about the risks and unforeseen consequences that have arisen from the shift toward remote working, including:

  • Permanent establishment
  • Tax
  • Immigration
  • Employment Laws
  • Intellectual Property
  • Health Insurance

12:30 – 1:00 ET 

Why a Pharma Company Chose a VMS Alternative

Erika Novak, Head of Client Services, utmost

Hear why one pharmaceutical company chose an alternative to traditional VMS to achieve total talent management and gain true insights into the skills, talent, and profile of their extended workforce and their employees.

1:00 – 1:30 ET 

How to use Data Science to Optimize Your Extended Workforce Program

Wendy Patience-O’Brien, Senior Program Manager, Intuitive Surgical

Salema Rice, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, GRI

Learn how this global company uses data science across their extended workforce ecosystem to bring total talent to the forefront with a single version of their Contingent Workforce, SOW and Direct Sourcing.

  • Using data science to solve problems…
  • Garbage In – Garbage Out – the importance of Data Quality
  • Master Data – Governance and Standard Taxonomies
  • One Global View — WHAT happened, WHY it happened and what’s NEXT…

1:30 – 2:00 ET 

How to Make 'Talent Quality' your Leading Analytic

Geoff Abere, Program Director, FINRA

Andrew Freundt, VP, Program Management, Pontoon Solutions

Satish Kumar, CEO, GLIDER.ai

More than ever, talent quality is a metric that needs to be front and centre for all Talent Acquisition, CW, and HR leaders. Yet in most organizations, talent quality is consistently a lagging indicator. 

Join Geoff Abere, Program Director at FINRA, Andrew Freundt, VP of Program Management at Pontoon Solutions, Satish Kumar, CEO at GLIDER.ai, to get insights on how to improve placement rates by putting quality first. We’ll share practical insights on: 

  • How to use the right assessments to evaluate real-world competency 
  • Data to understand potential culture fit and eliminate hiring bias
  • What data and insights should be used to find the best talent possible to scale with future hiring demands
  • Getting alignment on hiring criteria and what KPIs to measure

2:00 – 2:30 ET 

Overcoming the Challenges of Light Industrial Hiring

Adam Nowaczynski, Sr. Global Indirect Category Manager Contingent Labor, Johnson Controls

Kevin Poll, Global Head of Strategic Partnerships, D&I Champion, WillHire

Light industrial and shift work hiring poses many challenges for contingent workforce teams. No-shows, under-filled shifts, high turnover, long delays in filling shifts, and highly competitive markets make it extremely difficult for hiring managers and program teams.   
In this session, you’ll learn first-hand new strategies to solve these challenges, including;
• New automated sourcing channels
• New candidate engagement models 
• Redeployment strategies
• Referrals and incentives  
• Expedited onboarding processes including pre-checked workers

2:30 – 3:00 ET 

How 'Throwing a Wrench' into the Traditional Supplier Model helps Empower an Independent Suppliers Network

Jean-Marie Medina, Global Lead, Talent Acquisition Operations, The Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation (DTCC)

Jody Mohammed, VP, Partnerships and Solutions, Geometric Results (GRI)

Salema Rice, Chief Data & Analytics Officer, GRI

In this session you will learn how to…

  • Be a supplier-centric contingent workforce program and put suppliers in a position to be successful leveraging their strengths. 
  • Champion transformation from supplier vendor to program advisor

3:00 – 3:30 ET

How one staffing firm's technology helps keep them at the leading edge

Heath Luikart, VP of Operations, Nesco Resource

Cynthia Sabbagh, Client Solutions Manager, JobDiva

Repeatedly named as one of the largest US staffing companies, Nesco Resource have been JobDiva users since 2009. Over that time, they have witnessed JobDiva’s offerings grow to encompass new worlds of candidate engagement, talent journey, CRM automation, VMS synchronization, and more. As JobDiva has blazed new trails in technology, Nesco has expanded and continued to be an industry leader. How do these two intertwine–growth in Nesco and growth in their technology? How do new developments in their technology affect Nesco’s resources, processes, and methodologies?

In this session, Heath Luikart, VP of Operations for Nesco Resource, will speak with JobDiva’s Cynthia Sabbagh about how JobDiva helps them realize their goals and maintain an innovation mindset.

4:00 – 5:00 ET 

Pre-scheduled 1-1 private networking

Included in Enterprise and MSP Tickets; paid upgrades may be available up to May 28.

5:30 – 6:30 ET 

Exclusive Virtual Wine Tasting with Networking

Hosted by VIVANT and made possible by CXC and VectorVMS

June 2, 2021

12:00 – 12:30 ET 

It takes a Village: Showcase of a CW program where all partners are pulling in the same direction

Dawn O’Bryan-Lamb, Senior Advisor Supplemental Workforce Program Manager, Southern California Edison

Jimmy Iannuzzi, Vice President and General Manager, nTech Workforce

Today’s contingent labor programs are incredibly nuanced, involving numerous partners, suppliers, and technologies. The best way to maximize your time and effort is to ensure all partners are pulling in the right direction.

Dawn O’Bryan-Lamb, Southern California Edison, and Jimmy Iannuzzi, nTech Workforce, discuss three ways stakeholders and suppliers can work together to drive a cohesive program and realize efficiency gains.

  1. EaaPA, Everyone as a Program Advocate: How to create an environment where suppliers and MSP’s serve as ambassadors and can be strategic promoters of your program, driving expansion.
  2. 360 Degrees of Measurement: A discussion over best practices on creating effective metrics that truly promote the desired qualities of your programs, without falling into a “set it and forget it” trap.
  3. Build Bridges: Important steps to build trust and understanding in partnering departments (Procurement, Human Resources) to drive a more consistent and efficient business process

12:30 – 1:00 ET 

Direct Sourcing - A practical vs theoretic view

Jeff Hildreth, Director, Solution Design, GRI

Learn why many direct sourcing programs have fallen short of expectations, and many more have failed to launch.  Plus learn the key elements of a direct sourcing program:

  • What are the best practices?
  • Which worker types can you best leverage Direct Sourcing
  • What does effective curation look like
  • Program adoption strategies
  • Analytics

1:00 – 1:30 ET 

How Can Outsourcing Be Your Game Changer?

Bryan Tweed, VP, Sales and Key Accounts, IMS People Possible

2021 has brought in new opportunities for growth. As various sectors continue to show an upward trend, staffing companies consider re-engineering their business model to match this trend. What strategies or business models within outsourcing have worked for progressive staffing companies? How can it positively impact your business? Join Bryan as he shares his experience of consulting with progressive Staffing Companies and the hard facts about how to:

  • Improve Delivery Response by 300%
  • Reduce Recruiting Costs by over 50%
  • Streamline Processes to Drive Margin Growth

1:30 – 2:00 ET

Being Intentionally Inclusive - Actionable steps to drive more diversity through your labor program

Bill Bateson, Director, IT Applications and People Leader, Nationwide

Namita Tirath, Co-Founder & Chief Customer Officer, Pyramid Consulting Inc.

As enterprises commit to being more diverse, they are looking to their suppliers to help bridge the diversity gap in the workforce. Whether you are just starting to put a program together or well down the path, we’ll discuss some steps and solutions that could help you along your journey.

  • Assessing the gap – Skills & Diversity
  • Emerging Diverse Talent Pools
  • Diversity Focused Recruiting – does it work?
  • Optimizing and Continuous Improvement

2:00 – 2:30 ET

CW Buyers Mastermind Insights

Sponsored by Pyramid Consulting

Get insights into how Buyers think, what’s important to them and what they are working on by listening in on a typical monthly Buyers Mastermind.  Topics explored will be Diversity & Inclusion and Statement of Work (SOW).

2:30 – 3:00 ET

Closing the Tech Talent Gap with Interns and Junior Workers

Valerie Quinata, VP, Strategic Talent Solutions, Genesis10

Jennifer Turnquist, Dev10 Client Director, Genesis10

Tara Wyborny, National Director – Emerging Talent Programs (G10 and Associates and Dev10), Genesis10

Jesse Williams, Dev10 Associate

Marisa Raeder, Dev10 Associate

Trying to close your tech talent gap? Join us for a panel discussion with a group of our Dev10 graduates.
We’ll talk about our workforce development programs and you’ll meet the team who makes the program work.

  • Learn about the technologies, teaching programs and instructional techniques that make our graduates successful
  • Get your questions answered about workforce development programs and how entry level programs like Dev10 can impact your organization
  • Ask questions about data engineering, development and functional skillsets that your company needs
  • See firsthand the talent that Genesis10 provides to clients to Fortune 500 clients nationally

3:00 – 3:30 ET 

An Unbiased look at EWT and VMS

Cheryl Tracz, Solutions Achiever, Draper Jones

With the rise of “Extended Workforce Technologies (EWT)”… companies are at a crossroads.  Do I upgrade my legacy VMS?  Do I take my program in-house?  Do I continue on my current path?  How important is the User Experience (UI/UX)?  How much of my Contingent Workforce program can be self-serviced by the Administrator (MSP / PMO)?

Join Draper Jones to compare and contrast the new Extended Workforce Technologies (EWT) with the legacy Vendor Management Systems (VMS).  

Is it worth your time to take a look at a different solution for your Contingent Workforce Program?

In this session, attendees will review the Enterprise Technology Review Report results.  This review will hone in on features and functionalities current Buyers are prioritizing these days.  

4:00 – 5:00 ET 

Pre-scheduled 1-1 private networking

Included in Enterprise and MSP Tickets; paid upgrades may be available up to May 28.



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